I am supposed to write two more css properties for the styles object but when i write the properties and click run it never stops loading and does not give me an error


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``` var React = require('react'); var ReactDOM = require('react-dom'); var styles = { background: 'lightblue', color: 'darkred', marginTop: '100px', fontSize: '50px' };

var styleMe =

Please style me! I am so bland!



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The two elements that I was told to add were marginTop and fontSize. The values of these properties I was told to add are 100px for marginTop and 50px for fontSize. If you think of anything that I am doing wrong please let me know.

Please post a link to this exercise. Thank you.

Here is the link for the exercise that i am having trouble with.

React.js defaults to px units so you don’t need them in your declaration. Maybe try using,

marginTop: 100,
fontSize: 50

I tried using just 50 and 100 instead of 100px and 50px, but it still continues to load and does not show me an error or anything.

Did you try reporting the bug using the form in the lesson?

Did you try, Run…Refresh…Run?

I think they fixed the problem or just refreshing the browser fixed the problem. Because the code that just worked was what I wrote before. Thank you mtf for the help.

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