I am stuck

hi please can somebody give me the answer to the introduction to javascript libraries section
question 2,
sorry it is probs super easy but i am new to js so…

Can you please post the link to the exercise? Also, we are not allowed to give you the code. You will also need to post your code. It is impossible for us to help you without your code.

i am so sorry to waste your time, but i have asked a friend and he has helped me.
very sorry
however, i have just encountered another problem,
i cannot run my code, and where it usually says ‘run’, it just has a little loading sign
when i try to click it, it comes up with that little red icon - this stops me from clicking
any ideas?

That probably means that your code is wrong. Can you send me a screen shot?

this is embarrassing:grimacing:
it is now working…
i am so sorry! i am still quite new to codecademy so i keep failing
v. sorry, wont happen again (at least i hope so!)
thanks for bearing with me!

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