I am stuck.. please help! S.O.S if/else


Hi everyone.. I am stuck in this exercise since yesterday. I would appreciate some help. I don´t know what´s wrong..
var controlDescanso= function(cantHoras){
if (cantHoras>= 8) {
return "¡Estás durmiendo suficiente!"+""+"¡Demasiado quizas!";
return "¡Cerrá los ojos un poco más!";


What error does it give you?


Try again. It seems that controlDescanso () does not return "¡Estás durmiendo demasiado"!
¡Demasiado quizás! " when cantHoras is 10. Controls the syntax if / else and if you're using the corresponding comparison operator .
Well, the message in spanish, this is the translation. I don´t get it.,because the coding is exactly the same that you guys are doing in english.


This string which it seems to be expecting, is not what you are returning if the variable is greater than 8

Should it instead be this?

// You have replaced demasiado with suficiente!
if (cantHoras>= 8) {
return "¡Estás durmiendo demasiado"!¡Demasiado quizás! ";

A good tip to keep in mind is that you may also escape conflicting quotations with the \ character.
"¡Estás durmiendo demasiado\"!¡Demasiado quizás! "
There's no need to concat the string using +""+