I am stuck on question 4. Is it gltichting?


Forgive if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything when I tried searching. I know this is a simple course here, but I am stumped about what I might be doing wrong. I keep receiving the message: "Oops, try again. Make sure you write something between each set of

tags!"... I'm not forgetting to write anything, as far as I can tell. Can someone help me out please?

<p>I dont have any.</P>
<p>I would like at least one friend.</p>	


Ok your getting this wrong. First you forgot to get your DocTypeHTML..., then you forgot to start your head, and forgot to start and end your html tags. This is the layout:

<!DOCTYPE html>





I had all of that, but it didn't paste over. I followed your format though, and the line spacing is what seemed to make the difference. I appreciate the quick response, thanks!


Write something in the p,h1,and title tags. If it still dosent work, what browser are you using?


The line spacing has absolutely no effect whatsoever, so it's not that.

Your first paragraph closes with an uppercase letter, instead of lowercase:




See the difference?


Yes, I've realized that after a few days of doing this. It's really a matter of double checking whatever code I write. I appreciate the insight!