I am stuck on 55% - cat: │: No such file or directory

I am currently stuck in the exercise where I am supposed to type cat volcanoes.txt │wc
When I insert it, names of volcanoes are printed out, but the last two lines say
cat: │: No such file or directory
cat: wc: No such file or directory
and the green sign does not appear…
Could somebody help me please??

There is another report of a problem with the | character. It’s a different exercise but it sounds like the same problem.

There is something with that | symbol that the terminal isn’t recognizing.

Can you try holding the ALT key and, using the number pad, not the numbers across the top, type 124?

same problem here.
terminal doesn’t recognize the | character (alt + 7 on my keyboard).
neither on built-in keyboard, nor via on-screen keyboard.
any suggestions?

oops… just found out what worked for me…

switch to US-keyboard (qwerty-layout)
hold SHIFT + the third character on the right next to the “L”
(or in other terms: it’s the key to the left of the ENTER-button)
good luck! ||||||||||||

more suggestions by other users see: Unable to type "$"

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I’m experiencing the same problem with the exercise

It’s because that if you’ve gone off the lesson and went back on you would still have the progress that was from the session. If that’s so you’ll have to go back to the directory you were in the first question and then pretend to do the other ones and finish off. I had the same problem.