I am Stuck Need help


Showing error in the following code need help

Oops, try again. It looks like the first console.log() call didn't print true.

// Here is an example of using the greater than (>) operator.
console.log(true, 15 > 4); // 15 > 4 evaluates to true, so true is printed.
// Fill in with >, <, === so that the following print out true:
console.log(true,"Xiao Hui".length <122);
console.log(true, "Goody Donaldson".length >8);
console.log(true, 8*2 ===16);


You don't have to put true in the parenthesis.
You should have
..console.log("Xiao Hui".length < 122);
and not
..console.log(true, "Xiao Hui".length < 122);

Same goes for all and mind your spacing after the operator signs.


Thanks a ton ! I have checked it and it is working