I am stuck in learning make a website


I am Doris, please i need help. i am stuck in learning make a website, i was asked to"Click the > to learn more." but it can not be found anywere in the page.

Stuck on Make a Website: Bootstrap

Hi Doris,

Can you give me the link to which exercise that you are working on where you see that instruction. Thanks!


yes this is it https://www.codecademy.com/en/skills/make-a-website/topics/bootstrap-components/bootstrap-layout



then i desided to start another training only for me to see that thsame thing is happening to the page again... this is the link for the other one https://www.codecademy.com/en/skills/make-an-interactive-website/topics/your-first-program/jquery-your-first-program-html/2

i am greatful for your support.


Thank you for the links. Here is a little picture of what I see when I look at those links. Can you see the > sign in mine?


Good-day, i can not see the >sign but there is a big black picture of the code to study.
Yes in the picture you sent i can see a "blue dot and two other dot without color and > sign, then green arrow ". in my own the big picture is covering the "last dot and the > sign" i just wish i can pass this place soon.


That is interesting! Can you post a picture of yours?

Here is a better picture of mine: