I am starting the 30 day challenge, are there any tips to help?

I am starting the 30 day challenge and I just wanted to know if there are any tips to keep the learning process going. I am doing them through 5-8 pm

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I recommend taking notes and keep them organized. Particularly highlight things you don’t understand and try not to go too long without reviewing those things you feel unsure about (feel free to ask questions here!).

Take breaks! It’s better to do 30 minutes where you are focused every day than 3 hours of low focus. It might sound counter-intuitive to contrast the times like that, but focus both helps you grasp things better and also retain more things down the line.


Thanks! I actually decided a bit after that i would only do 30 minute sessions but I will try the other tips to keep me motivated throughout the challenge

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Hi @a2422, welcome to the community! :tada:

Here’s a great post that was written by a community member who recently finished the 30-day challenge. It’s packed with helpful tips for anyone just getting started:


I agree with toastedpitabread, notes are key for challenges like that, and also, good luck. :slight_smile:


Hey @a2422!

I’ve only just started myself but have managed to gather a few helpful bits of advice which might help you:

  • Take your time. It’s not a race.; the important part is that you understand what you’re learning. There’s no point going
    over lots of new stuff and forgetting half of it :slight_smile:
  • Take notes and go over them every once in a while.
  • Have a play with what you’ve learnt.
  • Set a daily alarm or block out the time in your calendar every day.

As mentioned above, I’m a total noob myself so this is all the advice I can really offer you for now. :smiley:

Hope it’s helpful in some way or another!

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Hi @lilybird
Can you give me some tips for this 30 day challenge

For notes, do you recommend pen and paper or does something like Notation or Google Docs work?


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Personally, I love the Bear App. I use it for all my notes.

Besides that, I pretty much always take notes digitally because this allows to organize them however I want and it makes them searchable and easily editable, especially if I need to add something to a note as I move on.