I am on the one selector to rule them all lesson and it is not accepting my thing!

I am doing the One Selector to Rule Them All lesson, and it is not accepting my code. I have to add a border around the entire page. I tried putting a border around the body, but it says no. I tried bordering the div, but that did not work. Please help, this is confusing me.

I figured out the border issue, but it says it is not the right color, which is supposed to be #3A5FCD. This is my code, exactly: body, div {
border: 1px dashed #3A5FCD;
BUT IT DOESNT WORK. Please help me, I am confused.

It is doing the same thing for the next lesson. I think there is a glitch in the site, because I have even COPIED AND PASTED the hexadecimal number for the color and it is saying that it is wrong. HELP!

For the “Rock your selectors” lesson just make sure that you are not overriding any of your CSS selectors with other CSS selectors. In CSS, the more specific selector will override the less specific selector. For example, if you were to type:

div, p {
    color: #AAAAAA;

and then type

div, p, h1 {
    color: #000000;

then the selector “div, p, h1” would override the selector “div, p” which means that first every “div, p” would be colored #AAAAAA and then after that every “div, p, h1” would be colored over with #000000.

But I’m not on Rock your Selectors, I am trying to do “One Selector to rule them all”

And it’s not the text color, it’s saying that I didn’t color the border properly when I did! The color is even showing up!

I’ve been have issues exclusively on lessons with color codes, this one included. I’m using chrome if that matters at all… I’ve been having to just select the next lesson, but the overall course/lesson will not register as %100 complete… so this is going to bug me.

I’m not sure how to get around this, help please!! :grin:

I have the same problem. I put

* {
    border: 1px dashed #3A5FCD;

and it still doesn’t work.


I am not overriding any of my selectors, it is just not working! It will not accept that I colored it properly! RAGE!

Lesson: One Selector To Rule Them All

I did the exact same thing that @martin8aw is saying, as per the instructions. As for @cod30m, I have not been having problems with color codes, only for this lesson.

For the first image, I used only an asterisk as a universal selector, and there was a problem.

For the second image, when I threw an ‘html’ in front of that asterisk, it still gave me a problem.

Is this a bug? Or is my code incorrect?

Apparently it’s a bug, as per this link: https://www.codecademy.com/forum_questions/553ec2bfe39efe14900002c7.

Also, when I moved onto the next lesson and used a single asterisk as per the first image in my previous post, my code was accepted upon hitting submit.

**Also, when I used Internet Explorer, it was submitted without a problem. Must be a bug.