I am not understanding the exercise of Updating Variables


Hey, I am not getting anywhere in this exercise. I do not know what I am supposed to fill in.
I would appreciate help…


Hello @tag5625478567, welcome to the forums! What it is asking you to do is to use the variables october_rainfall, etc, to update annual_rainfall. So, you have to add each variable to annual_rainfall.
What you have to do is similar to this:

vara = 1#defining a new variable
varb = 3#defining a new variable
varc= 4#defining a new variable
varc = varc + varb + vara#Adding varc and varb together, and reassigning 
#the result to varc (an already declared variable).
How to do it-don't look unless you're stuck
september_rainfall = 5.16#assigns september_rainfall
october_rainfall = 7.20#new variable assignment
november_rainfall = 5.06#new variable assignment
december_rainfall = 4.06#new variable assignment
annual_rainfall = december_rainfall + november_rainfall + october_rainfall + september_rainfall + annual_rainfall
#Adds all of the newly assigned variables to to the annual_rainfall

I hope this helps!

ya thanks, I think that makes more sense. :smile:

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oh dear, i got the number 14 line, but then i got stuck on the earlier lines. I again would appreciate help.


Hello @tag5625478567 :grinning:

Could you please post your code, people can then see what you are doing wrong, and better help you.

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