I am not creating parrot



IT says I have not created a variable called parrot.

let me move on.

Replace this line with your code.


please post your code so we can help you.


Parrot = ""Norwegian Blue""
print len"(parrot)" = 14


why two pares of quotes?

isn't len supposed to calculate that?
and why quotes?

why this line:


was trying to find what was wong


was trying to see what was wrong


well, it is a variable so you do not need quotes here:

and you are already finding out the length by doing this:


hey adaigle2,
You did two mistakes.
1.Your parrot variable is capitalized but when you were printing it It's in Lower Case.
2.print len"(parrot)" = 14 Is wrong.
Just use
print len(parrot)
without quotes.
Explanation :
1.Parrot,parrot ,PARROT etc are different variables,They're not same.
2.Once we define a variable we don't put in quotes. Only texts are quoted.
3.We do not assign a value another value,like assigning 4 = 5 does not make sense.
print len"(parrot)" = 14 Is wrong.


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