I am not able to call on any python commands in Python 64bit (Python installing elsewhere despite setting installation path) But I have access denied...Have no basic access to python

This is my stackoverflow post where they believe I’m messing up somehow.
I’ve been locked out of Python access in my computer since October 8/

Python 64 bit is not allowing me to call upon any commands, CMD is. I check APP DATA folder and low n behold despite setting installation path to C/Program Files, it’s installing to APP DATA. I have been searching for the past 2 weeks how to take care of this issue and start to learn how to code so I can scrape images from imgur search resuts… Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

They ofcourse gave no real answers.

I just installed pycharm and tried to see if I have Pip installed in command prompt

Yea that’s just typing python into CMD… This is what stopped me from coding for a while, and havnt been back to it.

I have someone that is pretty advanced in Python connect to my computer via odesk, couldnt do anything. Have no clue what to do and am sad

THe only kind of explaination I have is, I installed a virtual env somewhere this Python coder could not find himself.

I just installed PYcharm Edu and I saw it was uninstalling pip. I tried almost every recall of python in general. Nothing.

I’d love to learn Python but I seem to be a big eff up. Python Coder connected my account is the Admin, but I’m locked out of it…

only me…

From what I can tell from the error messages, Python and the scripts aren’t installed on the correct environment, or, PATH environment. I think you have to add it manually, but I’m not 100%. (I don’t have Windows OS).

Would this article help?

Also, for PyCharm, I found these instructions. (I’ve never used that IDE).


It also might be easier to just use Google Colab. If you have and Google account and Google Drive, you can just add the application to your Drive and write Python code in it. (It’s based off of Jupyter Notebook). You can write and execute Python code in your browser b/c it’s cloud-based. All your .ipynb files are stored in your Drive…and accessible anywhere.

That’s just my .02. :slight_smile:

I think you’ll have an easier time if you avoid the built-in command prompt. Most online guidance is built for at least bash emulation and I think command prompt is just too unpopular to get advice for (maybe try git bash or something along those lines).

Windows is also a little tricky since there are so many routes to install a distribution of Python. However, unlike OSX and linux though you can get away with messing with Python (as it’s not essential to the system) so multiple distributions are less likely to break things.

If you’re having a nightmare for windows I think conda is simpler (at least to start with). You do need to be careful when installing (choose options carefully- especially on PATH etc.) so follow the guidance from the anaconda docs themselves.

If you’re still fighting to get things running perhaps even a full virtual environment (of a linux distribution e.g. Ubuntu) will be easier at first. I think so much guidance is written for *nix systems that it can be harder to start from windows because the basic shell/commands don’t always translate.

At the end of the day what you really need is to get comfortable working with a text based terminal since they’re so useful. CC covers bash/ bash scripting but if you’re determined to stick with windows built-ins you’d need to look elsewhere. It’s a bit of a time investment but working with a shell is most definitely worth it.

I’m tried modifying path, everything…

Yea Pycharm got deleted everything…Turned everything python off through windows App exescution alias.
Once again nothing. Naw I’m cool on linux. IT was fine up until a point and believe it was a Windows update

Thought that was problem. Ofcourse, when you’re me. It’s not the problem cause turning them off didn’t work.
Yea it’s been like this since early October

I installed python 3.9.1 , set the path. Still Command Prompt gives me access denied. Then I changed it through something else Where I typed SYS and put a 0 instead of 1.

This didn’t mess up really until I got libre office which uses Python… I’m just going to quit while behind not tryint to put anothr OS on this.

I wish I could get python 3.9.1 on my raspberry pi I wouldn’t touch this comp with it.

After I downloaded the 3.9.1 update added both 32 and 64 bit

I was able to do that, but stlll denies me access.

Part of that first command seems to be missing. It should be python -m install --upgrade xxyyzz. The specific errors you are receiving for that line (not necessarily others) are rather generic rather than permissions based.

By the time you reach from bs4 import ... you should either be writing a complete Python script or running an interactive Python session. That syntax looks like Python specifically so you need to make sure it’s run with Python.

I’all advocate for the last time about choosing a shell other than the base command prompt.

You appear to have both python/pip (3+) installed so it’s just a case of understanding what you’ve already installed and passing the right arguments to perform the function you want.

I have tried every single combination… I"m in not in financial position to buy another computer… Any command through terminal results in that. I’ve used IDE I had jet brains, pycharm couple others. Really wish this would of worked out. Had that python coder connect, has no clue what I can do other than break these parts down. It was nice while it lasted. I was in a bad bind on why I needed to learn to code to begin with.