I am new

Hi i am new how is this website and is it proper?

Hi @kingvedant,

Welcome to the forum, as a starter, you may go through this linked topic:

Inside the topic, it discusses few important parts of the forum including:

  • Quick rundown of forums features
  • Guides using the forums
  • How to write a good post
  • Where to introduce yourself

and so on. It will be useful for you if you have any question in future. Cheers :slight_smile:


Welcome to the discuss ! You can ask Questions and get answers from advanced programmers . Have fun!:wink:

How do you make a website?

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Hi am new here, buh have been using codecademy all the way, any web dev response would be greatful

Hi there just started using Codecademy last week but really struggling with the error code as cant see where I’m going wrong :frowning:

You could click on the solution to the problem then see where you went wrong then go back and redo the exercise by clicking the little reset button at the bottom

Hello there! Just joined the forum today. I’ve been around since 2014.