I am looking for a coding partner (EDIT: web development and MCPE modding)


Hey everyone! My name is Gerard, you can see my bio here. Then type 622. I am looking for a coding pal that can help me with my projects. Any age is welcome! And also, the more, the awesomer (sorry, wrong term, couldn't find the word)!

I am still learning Javascript, and I am done with HTML and CSS, although I don't want to finish the resume, maybe tomorrow.

For those who are interested, you can E-Mail me at phineas061@gmail.com.


Hey Gerrard you can message me whenever and I can see how I may be of assistance. :slight_smile:


Hi Gerard
I would like to join you although I'm still on your level but we could help each other.
I'm Shakes from South Africa, Durban
You could email me at Shake074@outlook.com