I am in the same position


Did you ever figure it out? I am in the same position.

Initialize your repo

Are you saying that your:

cd personal-website

command failed?

Are you asking what to do about that?


I have the same first 6 lines as the image at the top.


That means that your cd personal-website command failed. Maybe you don't have a personal-website directory? Use pwd and ls -la to see where you are and which files and directories that you've got there. Then you can use cd to get yourself to the right place.

Have you done the Learn the Command Line course yet?


Yes I have done it but it was awhile ago.


$ ls


If you change to your workspace directory, is your personal-website in there maybe?


$ cd workspace
$ git init
Reinitialized existing Git repository in /home/ccuser/workspace/.git/


You want to do your git init once you are inside your personal-website directory.


I ended up getting it. Thank you.


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