I am hopelessly lost on 3.User Migration


Hello all,
I am super confused. I completed the course on Ruby, and now I'm attempting to tackle this Authentication project or whatever it is.. Unfortunately, I am on step 1 of the second lesson, and I have no idea what to do, it seems I have missed some fundamental information. Can someone point me in the right direction, please? I really want to learn this stuff, and I diligently worked through the entire Ruby course, but from the word go, this is completely unfamiliar to me. I am hung up on creating the string columns in the Users table. Obviously there is something I'm missing here, but the lesson isn't even giving me a hint! Please help.
Hutch C


Hello @courserunner92193!
Codecademy (In my opinion) doesn't do too great of a job explaining databases. I struggled with Rails on here until I found a fantastic course on Code School. It's called Rails For Zombies, it very well explains routing and databases, and I understood it very clearly.


Great! thank you so much, also I did manage to get a bit further in the exercise, and I realized that I had not gone through the Learn Ruby on Rails thingy, so I was just confused on the order I should do the courses I guess. I understand the concepts laid out in the Ruby Course, but I haven't gone through and actually gotten used to the development environment itself with the Learn Ruby on Rails course. I guess you could say I'm now back on track, ha! Codecademy is actually really great, I just got confused a bit. Cheers!