I am having problems with the nav bar tab's hover

for things like #navbar button.active… can I just replace button with div or should I just remove the button?

when I tried running the code using div I couldn’t press the tabs.

you could, but you would need to add event listeners as well. We haven’t yet

What is it you want from me? I can’t help you on a trail and error campaign.

I would just want help with how to make hovering on one tab on the tab bar make the others turn gray except it the hovered tab.


but with Javascript and event listeners? With css? With jquery (which simplifies JS)? The easiest would be css

Define help? A push in the right direction? The solution written for you?

I think I’d want to use CSS

I guess the proper attributes to use and how to do it in CSS ( syntax etc. )

Thanks again

when hovering nav (nav:hover) we could set the color to any color we wish:

nav:hover {
   color: value;

however, buttons do not inherit. So we need to specify in the css selector that when nav is hovered, the buttons should change color. You think you can put together this css selector? Then, when a specific button is hovered:

#navbar button:hover {}

we should set the color of that specific button to a different color

I think it worked…

Seems to work fine indeed :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!:joy: