I am having problems on asimple project

On the project Personal portfolio Website i am having a problem on my code, for some reason it is not doing what i want it to do. I wanted to when you click the text it would hide image and then show it again after you clicked, but the img is not changing at all, if someone could possibly help me i would love, i have benn 1:30h looking at this:

Question is, is the console showing output? You could have a typo.

If you really wanted to use this pattern you can do

function foo() {
  //do something when clicked!

firstText.conclick = foo;

but you can add more than one click event if you use eventListener.
As always, documentation is incredibly useful. Find the sandboxes they offer in their examples (the play button) so you can test your ideas easily.

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Make sure you’re changing the style!

Thank you everyne the problem is fixed.