I am having bug problems at 65%

please put pictures or help.thank you

Hi @gigamaster67923, is this what you are having trouble with?

yes it is :grinning:

I can’t get past the first set of instructions

Find your bark method and your main method and put your new run method between them.

Don’t add that extra stuff in the main method, those bits get added in later exercises.

OK thanks so much :wink:

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i did that put run method in between bark and main method. Still its not letting me go forward. this screen showing again and again

You’ve gotten ahead of the steps. Don’t do all the steps at one. Do step 1, then click Run.

I have the same problem. I did as I was told to do up here. It did not let me go forward.

Please show me with a screenshot so that I can see what you see.