I am having a Problem with Grep

$ grep -R Artic /home/ccuser/workspace/geography

That is the code that I am using but I keep getting the error code: Type Command After Shell Prompt.

Any help is appreciated!

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You have a little typing mistake there.

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grep -R Arctic /home/ccurser/workspace/geography grep: /home/ccurser/workspace/geography: No such file or directory pwd
$ grep -R Arctic
deserts.txt:Arctic Desert
oceans.txt:Arctic Ocean
uniq-deserts.txt:Arctic Desert
continents.txt:Arctic Ocean

I’m having problems too!

A small typing mistake there.

Thank you! I can never find my own typing mistakes.

grep -R Arctic /home/ccuser/workspce/geography

It’s not working , please help.



You have a typing mistake in that path.