I am having a hard time adding images; when I post my img src it should come up but it doesn't show up. Am I missing something here?

I’m stuck on exercise 11 of codeacademy. Need help.

You’ve messed your code up a lot. I recommend that you reset the exercise, try reading the instructions and try again. If you still need help ask here.

im still having problems here with adding images.

here’s the same problem.

On the second image you need to remove the space between src and =.
Are there any other things you need to do, other than add the images?

I’m going through the basics walkthrough of html. I still have the same problem. Nothing has changed.

Do what @jibblyj said if that doesn’t work then change your URL from https:// to http://

Still it isn’t working for the html. I must be making a mistake again.

You haven’t removed the spacing it needs to be <img src="url" /> like this no other spacings

Thank’s for you help
So it’s supposed to look like this??

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If it passes, then that’s what it’s supposed to look like. Well done. :slight_smile: