I am getting a lot of errors


Errors are occurring along the lines of "Something went wrong - Refresh and try again".

I remember over a year ago when I last used codecademy that it worked very well. Today not so much. Is there something wrong with the system?


I'm getting that message in the PHP course. It first started happening when I was finishing the Arrays unit and I asked about it on the forum. I was told to go back a page through the table of contents icon at the bottom left corner of the page, then return to the page I got the error message on and quickly paste and submit my code. It worked for that page, but I'm still getting that message on another page (during the While loops in PHP) and that method that previously worked, isn't working for me right now.

Update: Someone else posted a solution to this on another thread. Basically, just put in an error into your code, like a random 'else', submit it, refresh the page and put in your code (make sure to check for errors in your code before you submit it) and then try submitting it again. This worked for me. I realized I had an extra '=' in two parts of my code, which was prompting the weird 'something went wrong' message.

2nd Update: Actually I keep getting this error message too. I thought I was done with it, but it keeps showing up every few pages. Perhaps it's a problem with the Codecademy website or we're all making the same type of mistake in our code?