I am doing every thing correctly and it is still saying Oops! Try Again. I am at 5/21


I don't what is wrong.


Copy/paste all of your code in here and tell me your error message so that I can help!


Me to! Hear is my code:

<!-- I'm a comment. You won't actually see me on the web page.
     You should write your header in the line below me! -->
     <h1> Moritz </h1>
<p>Hi! I am learning how to make
my very own web page! I really like
blueberry muffins and long walks on
the beach.</p>
<input type="email" placeholder="Email">
<input type=submit >


I´m sorry. How I can send the html code


Next time you post code:
- after you have pasted it, select it all
- use the </> button on the toolbar to format it

Exercise 5/21 has bug for Firefox users:

5/21 - Firefox gives Oops! try again with no other details.
- Workaround 1: use a different browser.
- Workaround 2: remove all of your code and leave only the style tags. You will need to replace your code on the next lesson.