I am depressed :(

Hey guys,
I want to learn programming but I kinda don’t understand what I am doing in this tutorials.
I follow the instructions type everything in what I have to type in and then I see the results.
Everything is fine.
But when I have to program myself (I am learning to program in Ruby), I have no idea how to do it.
I really really want to learn it.
Could someone give me an advice, please.

I think many people experience this problem, following instructions and come up with your own solution are two completely different things. This takes time, just build what you have done in the lessons, experiment a bit with things you learned in the lesson.

I always felt bad when i didn’t was unable to come up with any sort of solution, but i pushed through, and now i am noticing it goes better. I am sure if you push through the tough moments, you will notice it goes better as well. I am not going to lie, there are going to be rough patches, just push through and you will come out stronger


Same happened to me when i started coding for the first time 3 years ago. I was lost and I was only following instructions that I did not quiet understand. The thing that helped me is experience that I got by myself around the internet, on other web pages that learn to code and share knowledge like this one. You need time and will and you will succeed in anything, especially in programing. This words come to you from complete newbie that learn something on it’s own and it continues to roll :wink:


Little advice:

Build what you have learned in CodeCademy lessons or watch an online video tutorial on how to build a program using Ruby. (Try to keep it simple and try to use some tools. Like IronRuby) Then try to mess with it, you will learn a lot.

Here is another cool advice:
You build something simple, you use it to build another thing, then you use that another thing to build something bigger and bigger. :slight_smile:

Don’t give up though, just keep trying on Ruby if you like it. But you can learn another programming language.

Good luck, man! :smiley:


I can relate to your situation because I’ve been there time and again. I started learning to code 2 months ago and I’ve completed only 3 skills sets, but I think you shouldn’t despair because it gets better the more courses you take. I’ve just completed HTML& CSS and I now understand clearly a lot of things that I did blindly on the Ruby on Rails tutorials. I plan to do Java ,Javascript and Python ,then go back and review Ruby on Rails. Some of the stuff that you do blindly only become clearer later on when you learn other skills so please don’t give up. KEEP AT IT, IT’S DOABLE!

Thank you guys! :blush:

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