I am completely stuck with the "Can you swing it?"


I just went on it and tried it but it doesn't work so i reset it can someone help me I have no idea what to do.
It would be useful to write the code out like this.(This is what i have done)
font-family: Garamond;
color: #7AC5CD;
div p{
font-weight: bold;


look at this simplified example i made:


i hope this gives better insight, if it does not, let me know, i will help you further



This I what I did:
p {
font-family: Garamond;
body p {
font-weight: bold;
body div p {
font-weight: normal; color: #7AC5CD;
body div ul li p {
color: #000000; text-decoration: underline;

I don't think you need to put in the body tags, but this worked.


I already complained that this exercise SCT needs an upgrade, yes, this code works, but the whole point of the exercise it to learn how to use >. I did flag it, since it is a full answer without any explanation which is against CC policy


Gee, guess I'll have to FULLY read the directions. Thanks for letting me know.


I did this:

p {
ul p{
First I targeted every paragraph with p {
Then I targeted just the

's inside the

    with ul p{
    I thought the directions were a little confusing because it said to bold the first paragraph...and I did not think the
      was part of the paragraph. I thought the sentences immediately following the "Synopsis" were the paragraph they were talking about.


You need help? Or? I can't figure out what you are saying, i think you used code somewhere without format, so that is not visible