I am 83 years old and having a ball learning JavaScript

I am up to Lesson 7 in "Arrays and Objects" in JS, and just flying along. My grandson suggested that as I like solving puzzles (I do The Times cryptic crossword every day), I might enjoy learning coding.

I doubt that I will ever use this knowledge in any useful way, but learning keeps my brain alive and provides a great topic of conversation with other (much younger) computer tragics.

I was first introduced to computers in 1982 - remember the black screens with green text? Learned with DOS and kept learning ever since. I so enjoy playing around with computers, and your JavaScript course is easy to understand albeit some of it is quite challenging.

I wonder if there are any of your pupils out there who are older?

Shirley McKerrow


This is awesome! What have you learn so far? It’s really great that you manage to start learning JavaScript.


Thanks for sharing your story, Shirley (@darwinian28)! I think it’s fantastic that you’re here with us! Who cares if you won’t wind up using this knowledge “in any useful way,” so long as you’re having fun? :slight_smile:


Thank you for your comments, Daniel. In fact I did find “something useful”. My elder grandson helped (a lot) and together we devised a game to help my younger grandson with his multiplication tables. It seems they don’t teach those in school any more so it takes him a long time work work out 7 x 6 for instance. This game works on a grid system with the multipliers along the top row and side column. These basic figures can be re-set into a random sequence each time you press the “Reset” button. It also has a timer (which needs some more work). In fact although it basically works at the moment I have a lot of ideas to enhance it.

This is such fun. Shirley McKerrow OAM


Thanks for the update, Shirley! I think that this is actually a rather fantastic story and one worth sharing - I sent you an email directly about it! :slight_smile:


This sounds great, @darwinian28 ! :slight_smile:

If you and your grandson would like help with development of your little game, feel free to ask for help in the #Codecademy-Community-Lounge:Corner-Bar category :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Shirley, Great to hear about this. I am 65 years old and thought I was far too old to enjoy coding. Having a background in coding from early 1980s, it was a tremendous pleasure to revive my coding skills. Thanks to Codacademy for providing this platform. Truly happy to see another learner like me whom I can share this fascination with. I totally agree with you that learning helps our brain remain active. Here’s to a great experience here at Codacademy. Thank you.


Hi Daniel
Thank you for your emails. I have been travelling and unable to respond until now. Unfortunately that also means I have been neglecting my codcademy, and will need to revise a lot of the lessons before I can proceed.
I have attempted a couple of lessons, but I keep getting the “OOps!” response, even though I know my solutions are correct. I thought it might be caused by the browser I was using (Firefox) so changed to Chrome, but still get the same response.
My IT savvy grandson is coming to stay with me soon, so he should be able to help me fix it. He is encouraging me to get into creating games. That should be fun.


Hello Shirley (my mother’s name),

I am starting the Make Websites from Scratch course here at Codecademy on Tuesday.

I’m 72 years old and also have some computer experience dating back to the early 70’s.

Ran my own consulting business for 37 years, (now semi-retired), where I designed and created relational databases and websites with the help of coders.

Am looking forward to immerse myself in coding so I can fully understand the back end of my websites and possibly help others who just want a website created.

BTW, also taught my 92 year old father-in-law how to use Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and how to do browsing and research on the net. He’s a former electrical engineer.

Maybe I’ll check back with you in a couple of weeks and fill you in on my progress.



Great to see your story in the New York Times today, Shirley!


Thank you Daniel. I will send that off to family and friends. I don’t
think any of them have had their name appear in the NY Times.



I think great to hear about this! The learning helps our brain remain active -:slight_smile:

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Congragulation sir, you are really an inspiration.

Its great to see that you started now and proved that there is no time to start learning!
Keep going !

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hello Shirley! it’s so great to hear you are enjoying JS. one of the best things about code is that you’re never too old to learn. in fact, i found the article you’re mentioned in!

Some People Learn to Code in Their 60s, 70s or 80s


Hello, darwinian 28, I am 73 years old and thought I was crazy to try and learn to write code until I found out about you.My big problem is ,I am learning to use the laptop at the same time.That makes it double hard.You will be hearing from me in the future.I am going to try to learn how to write python code.Zell

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HI Graham

Sorry I have been so long in responding to your email. You have taken on
quite a lot learning about computers and coding at the same time, but then
again it does make sense.

Until recently, although I could write macros (now outdated) which were a
form of coding, I had no idea how a computer worked. That limited my use
of it to a glorified typewriter, drawing pad and filing cabinet combined.

I am not familiar with Zell. I have been studying Javascript as it is an
appropriate language for building websites. I have been running an SEO
business (search engine optimization) for a few years now, and the coding,
html and general construction of a website has a great bearing on its
"findability" in a search engine. I have found some wonderful-looking
websites with all the bells and whistles and fascinating graphics, that
will never get anywhere because their creators neglected to include
keywords. Amazing!! People pay a fortune sometimes to get these sites
built, but then they are useless as nobody finds them on page one of Google.

My best results so far have been getting my local hairdresser’s website up
from 24 hits per month to 1104 hits per month, just by adding a few words
here and there.

Now, by having a better grasp of how the site is constructed, I hope to get
even better results.

I am really semi-retired, and do this more as a challenge and focused use
of my time than with any idea of any future career. At 84 you learn to
think in short-term tranches.

I do wish you luck with your new project and would be interest in hearing
how you are progressing.

I have used my new skills to set up a simple game on the internet. It is a
new version of the old Rock, Paper, Scissors. You can find it here


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