Hurricanes analysis step 5

Hello everyone I am Francesco and I got stuck with the last part (5) where I am asked to count how often each area is affected by hurricanes.
When I print my solution it only gives me the count for the first hurricane so I believe that my code is iterating only 1 hurricane and not through all of them.
Thanks for help

update_damages =
for x in damages:
if x == “Damages not recorded”:
if x[-1] == “M”:
if x[-1] == “B”:

hurricanes = {}
def create_dictionary(names,months, years, max_sustained_winds, areas_affected, update_damages, deaths):
for x in range(len(names)):
hurricanes[names] = {“Name”: names,“Month”: months,“Year”: years,“Max Sustained Wind”: max_sustained_winds,“Areas Affected”:areas_affected,“Damage”: update_damages,“Deaths”: deaths}
return hurricanes

print(create_dictionary(names,months, years, max_sustained_winds, areas_affected, update_damages, deaths))

def hurricane_by_year(hurricanes):
hurricane_year = {}
for cane in hurricanes:
current_year = hurricanes[cane][‘Year’]
current_cane = hurricanes[cane]
if current_year not in hurricane_year:
hurricane_year[current_year] = [current_cane]
return hurricane_year

def affected_areas(hurricanes):
hurricane_areas = {}
for cane in hurricanes:
for area in hurricanes[cane][“Areas Affected”]:
if area not in hurricane_areas:
hurricane_areas[area] = 1
hurricane_areas[area] += 1
return hurricane_areas

hurricane_areas = affected_areas(hurricanes)

Without the indentation this is very hard to read, could you perhaps edit or reply to your post with fully formatted code (python without indentation is scary) and ideally a link to your project (what is step 5?). The following FAQ covers how to do this, ta.

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