Hurricane-Analysis Challenge Project, STEP7

Hello Everyone! I have a problem that is driving me insane. I have tried different codes, with the same approach (I have seen that there are different and may be better ways to approach this problem, but I prefer to try to resolve this issue, as I would have without looking for other solution).
Anyway, the code seems to work, BUT the answer is wrong. Can anyone help me to understand what is happening?

> # Calculating the Deadliest Hurricane
> # find highest mortality hurricane and the number of deaths
> def max_killer(hur_details): #hur_details is the dictionary containing all the information about hurricanes
>     max_mortality_cane = 'Cuba I'# random name, I have tried others but the result is the same
>     number_of_deaths = 0
>     for x,y in hur_details.items():
>       if y["Death"] > number_of_deaths: #Death is a key in the sub- dictionary of hur-details
>         number_of_deaths = y["Death"]
>         max_mortality_cane = x
>     return {max_mortality_cane: number_of_deaths}
> print(max_killer(hur_details))

When I run this code it returns the first values of the main dictionary (hur_details), so my guess is that I am not iterating, probably because I am not accessing the sub-dictionary, and this is where my newbie-self cry and lose.
Can some kind soul help me out?
Thank you so much!

If you’re not sure if your code is iterating then consider adding some print statements or similar to check whether or not you are in fact looping.

If that’s fine then check your conditional expression and if not then keep digging until you encounter why you get the return that you do.

It may also be worth taking a little care with variable names. x and y don’t tell readers much about what your function intends to do in this loop.