Hurricane Analysis Challenge Project (Python)

Just finished this project and I too found it quite challenging. I spent ages trying to get my dictionaries to populate after copying some of the text over from the instruction panel. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong but it turns out that my code was correct and it was one of the characters that I’d copied that wasn’t recognised.
I’ll need to remember to just write the code out myself in future!

Anyway here’s my attempt.


here’s my attempt - the model solution is much more elegant!

Is there supposed to be solution code for this project? I don’t see any solution code in the zip file after downloading.

Is there still a bug in this project? (I’m looking at it on the DS path, is it elsewhere?) I think a bug was reported Nov. 2019.

I ran through it recently and didn’t find any bugs but I didn’t use jupyter so perhaps the download has an issue?

Edit: Found the solution (top of thread).

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I didn’t see it up top. :woman_facepalming:t2: Thank you!

I saw another thread that had mentioned there was a bug in the LE ( about there being no solution available). I must have misunderstood…

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My solution to this project:

I copied the information over into a Jupyter notebook to more smoothly work with the outputs in that.

Got it.
Some Code like the List comprehension is in my eyes very hard to read.
Are there any tips on making it easier to read?
Pre-initialisation would have saved me a lot of time on the last and third last.

Here is my code with comments throughout to explain what I did.

Ok, this project took me almost a week to complete it. Anyways, this is my code:

Hello! Here is my solution of this project

Did mine using Jupyter Notebook:

This forum helps me a lot by viewing other users contributions. It’s great to cross-check with pals here and learn a different method to derive the same answer!

Hi guys, This is my code.
It is a very challenging project.

Here is my raw solution:

Here is my attempt at the project. All seems to be in working order :slight_smile: