Hurricane Analysis Challenge Project (Python)

Hello, that was quite a task phew :face_exhaling:

Find my solution by clicking the link below:
Hurricane Analysis Challenge Project Solution [codecademy]

Great job gyaneshshah!

I’ve just taken a look at your code and I found a little possible improvement in task #1, lines 30-33:
Instead of typing theses huge two numbers within the if-else-condition, you could make use of the “conversion” dictionary, like this:

if item[-1]=='M':

This way you are much more flexible and reduce the risk of forgetting a “0” or so… :slight_smile:

Happy coding!

Here is a link to my solution on GitHub: [[Github link]]
This is my first time trying to use GitHub so hopefully this works.
I used a lot of help and hints for this. I also changed some of the parameters to play around with ‘Try/Except’

Hi Everyone,

Here is my Hurricane Analysis Project and would love to get some ideas from all of you on how to improve further or exchange codes for review and helping each other!

Hello Everyone, here is my code testing my dictionary abilities. Be free to comment or give me feedback.

HI, there is my solution. Great exercise to practice working with dictionaires.

Here is my code! I hope you enjoy the extra comments and the little tweaks I made to the variable names to make the learning more easy to understand! Thank you for reading and if you have posted yours, message me directly and I promise to read it! Happy coding everyone

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Hello guys! Unfortunately i could`nt do this project by myself i really feel bad and i am studying so hard. is there anything i can do improve my knowladge

Hello, folks! :wave:t2:
I recently finished my project, and I am happy to share my results project in the GitHub Repository,
I hope this could help someone as a reference! :smiley:

Here is my project solution for the Hurricane Analysis :point_down:t2:


Hi Every one
I am sorry,
I really want to know something…

I really dont know how to finish this project without looking these solution or sample solution.
is it my problem? am i too stupid? is it mean my talent may be not in here? better to switch to other direction?

anybody like me dont know how to finish it without looking these solution?

Thank you everyone.

Does anyone have any tutorials i can look at to better understand how to complete this project? i did everything up to this and im completely lost. im on the first step.
i looked at codes people are sharing and wondering how they even got that, and tried plugging it in myself, where i just get an error.
I tried the next project medical insurance and had no issues.

You can find my code here:

Hurricane Analysis Challenge Project Codecademy (Python)

Hi ericwhv!
Don’t be discouraged and don’t question your choice for this path because of this one task. Maybe I or someone else can help you make it clearer!
Do you have a specific question about one or more tasks?

This was a challenging project, as was the coded correspondence project. Both required that I learn some things that hadn’t been taught on Codecademy and to combine the new stuff with the Codecademy stuff. I like these kinds of projects!

Here is my solution hosted on GitHub!