Hurricane Analysis Challenge Project (Python)

Wow! You’ve use in two times less code than I)) Have you learned Python before?

Hi, Nope. Just spent more time on the challenge :slight_smile:

Here are my chaotic solutions!

Here is my solution :slight_smile:

Here is my project was kinda difficult but a fun experencie, and i learned a lot

Interesting project, here is my code for this project

The link you provided did not work for me (404).

I made some changes so you can enter the name or the year you want
and to choose to see the ranking or not:

I learned a lot from this project

Here is my take on the hurricane analysis project!

I’d really appreciate feedback where I could possibly improve

Here is my code. Any feedback will be appreciated!

Here is my code: Codecademy export · GitHub

I do not have the share code link at the bottom of my code editor. What did I do wrong?

Here is my solution to the hurricane analysis project!

Hurricane-Analysis/ at d995286977e9f473b4736c4640919060167c9e81 · alvinkhah/Hurricane-Analysis · GitHub


To find the share code link:
click on Tools at the top right hand side, next to Get Unstuck, and under the sub-header Sharing, you will find it.

Happy coding!

Hi everyone! Here is my project, it was a real struggle for me so I’d appreciate any feedback!

My code on the hurricane project. It was a great way to practice dictionary manipulation.

Here is my solution to the Hurricane Analysis challenge problem. I may go back through and try to slim down my code a little like how the solution uses variables to reduce how long the if statements were. This was a fun project.

Here is my version. Ain’t pretty but it works :slight_smile:

My first time sharing any code and it definitely won’t be perfect, but it does what it says on the tin!