Hurricane Analysis Challenge Project (Python)

Here’s my code! This was an interesting exercise: I would say it really tested your fundamental knowledge of dictionaries and loops. My critique is that a lot of the exercises were fairly repetitious, though maybe that was part of the exercise: identifying patterns and reincorporating old code to save time.

As far as mine was concerned, after comparing it to the given solution, I note the following:

  • I didn’t incorporate the given scales and instead built them from scratch. It would be better for me to incorporate this information going forward.
  • We took a very different approach to finding which hurricanes caused the max deaths damage; the official code looped through, whereas I just used “Max”. It’s interesting to see the different approaches taken. I would actually lean towards mine because the official code required pre-assumed knowledge (i.e. max_damage_cane = ‘Cuba I’) whereas I think it would be better to assume nothing when the dictionary is put in.

This is my Hurricane Analysis project

Here is my code. :slight_smile:

Here’s my code

Hey Guys,
I hope you enjoyed the challenge as much as I did. I truly learnt a lot!!!
Here’s my repo:

Here is my solution, any comments or suggestions welcome.

Here is my code, guys!

I coded several functions for every task, I hope this will be useful for someone in the future, thank! any comments, please, write me

Hi everyone! I’m so glad to be here and learn with all of you! It was my first ever programming project to date and I am proud I actually made it! Please welcome to comment or suggest what could’ve been done more efficiently. Here is my code:

Him here is my code