Which step are you stuck on, and what do have for code, so far?

The like is for including the link. Thank you.


class Surgeon {
constructor(name, department) {
this._name = name;
this._department = department;
this._remainingVacationDays = 20;
get name() {
return this._name;
get department() {
return this._department;
get remainingVacationDays() {
return this._remainingVacationDays;
takeVacationDays(daysOff) {
this._remainingVacationDays -= daysOff

const surgeonCurry = new Surgeon(‘Curry’, ‘Cardiovascular’);
const surgeonDurant = new Surgeon(‘Durant’, ‘Orthopedics’);



having issues printing the value saved to thename property of the surgeonCurry object.


It should be console.log(;


@j-smiles in your code above the console.log() takes in 2 arguments :wink:

console.log("Curry", "Cardiovascular");
//and returns 2 separate strings, not a concatenation
//Curry Cardiovascular

Breaking down task 1:

With the surgeonCurry instance created in your code we can access the properties of the constructor method

const surgeonCurry = new Surgeon("Curry", "Cardiovascular");

and save save these new values to an instance object surgeonCurry.

which can later be called like so



ops! seen my mistake…Thanks