Define an order() function that announces your ice cream order.

It should take two arguments: the number of scoops and the flavor. It should return the order in this format: "Lemme get [number] scoops of [flavor]!" It should use “scoop” when number is 1 and “scoops” for anything greater.

For example:
// Returns “Lemme get 1 scoop of vanilla!”
order(1, ‘vanilla’);
// Returns “Lemme get 3 scoops of chocolate!”
order(3, ‘chocolate’);

this is my coding:

const order()=input(number,flavor='vanilla'||'chocolate')=>{
  if input(number===1, 'vanilla'){
    return `Lemme get+ ${number} + scoop of + ${flavor}`
  return `Lemme get+ ${number} + scoops of + ${flavor}`
} }
order(1, 'vanilla');
order(3, 'chocolate');

For this exercise, you can assume valid input.

why do you need conditions? You get the number of scopes and the flavor, you just need to return the string in the right format.