Hi, I’m working through World Populations SQL Practice II, and am confused about the question: How many countries have the word “The” in their name?

The solution given is:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM countries
where name LIKE ‘%The%’;

However, I noticed that this counts the entry ‘Netherlands’, which doesn’t actually have ‘The’ as part of the name in this database. It does, of course, contain the three letters ‘the’. If I wanted to only count the countries with the actual word ‘the’, how would I do it?

I’ve tried using the above code with LIKE ‘The %’ and ‘The%’, but then the code won’t compile.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

Normally your solution with ‘The %’ should work, if the names are starting with exactly that string. Maybe there is a typo?

Do you get an error message?

By the way, your query is not compiled. Compiling means to convert code into a program in machine language so the computer can execute it.
With a SQL query you simply ask your Database System to look for something in the database and return the results.

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Thanks for the help, and for correcting me. :slight_smile:

I think I know what the problem is. The countries are listed in the format Country, The. Using ‘The %’ wouldn’t find them, as there are characters before the word ‘The’.

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Ah I see, you are right. This is the reason, why it doesn’t count them.
But it is possible to get the result you want.

Did you already figure it out?