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how can display “form” with <> in the browser

Hello @kadriyoucef! Welcome to the forums!!

If I understand correctly you are asking how to write angle brackets without the computer reading them as code…

Check out this page

I would give this a try :grinning:


2020-04-26 18_13_40-Form (HTML) - Wikipedia

like in picture

For me I found I still could not get it to work right on my desktop, and it would still perceive it as a command. I don’t know if you are also having this problem, but I found a way around it…

If you add a space after the first angle bracket, and before the last one it won’t be read as code.

<code><span> < form > </span></code>

The if you use some CSS you can remove the spaces.

span {
    word-spacing: -5px;

I don’t know if you had this same problem, I still can’t figure why I have it since I copied from the link exactly. But if you do this works to solve it.

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Hello @kadriyoucef. You can use &lt and $gt in place of the angle brackets. This means that the brackets won’t be interpreted as HTML, but will render:


Will render:


I hope this helps!


Nice to know!!

I like your way better :grinning:


thanks it’s working :+1:

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@codeneutrino do you happen to know what was different about MDN’s web page?

If you use developer tools to their read their code it is written


and on their page you still see <p> displayed, though as hard as I try I cannot get this technique to work.

Any thoughts? :thinking:

Hello, is the <code> within a text tag? Like this:

It is like so

<p><a><code> <p> </code></a></p>

But I tried this and it would not work.

Is it meant to be in <a> tags?

Yes, it was a link to a page about the paragraph element, I just didn’t include the href in my example.

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