Hi folks,

I am back into coding again after a long hiatus, and I can’t quite figure out where I’m going wrong.
Is anyone able to help me spot the issue here? I tried to cross check it with the video, but it continues to not pass. I’d appreciate any and all the help soon as possible. Thanks for helping me with this.

const {assert} = require('chai');

describe('User visits root', () => {
  describe('Post a quote', () => {
    it('Save the quote that is submitted', () => {
      const quote ="Our deepest fear is we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.";

      const attributed = "Marianne Williamson";

      const source = "A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles";

      browser.setValue('textarea[id=quote]', quote);
      browser.setValue('input[id=attributed]', attributed);
      browser.setValue('input[id=source]', source);'input[type=submit]');

      assert.include(browser.getText('#quote'), quote);
      assert.include(browser.getText('#attributed'), atrributed);
      assert.include(browser.getText('#source'), source);


Index.html file:

<div  id="quotes" name="quotes">
  <textarea id="quote" name="quote"></textarea>
    <input id="attributed" name="attributed">
    <input id="source" name="source">
    <input type ="submit">

Hi and welcome back

Seems like you have a typo on this line (at the end):

Hope that helps!

EDIT: well, I also had a typo, so I fixed mine in the edit :smiley:

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