(this goes for exercise 6 in HTML forms) Why it doesnt show arrows in my input form even tho i put step=“1”?and even when i dont put step into input,exercise still shows as correct.

Hello @design1389826683 and welcome to the forums :grinning:
Did you move your cursor over the input box, there are several browsers that won’t display the arrows until you move a cursor over them.

As for the step attribute, did you run the code with the step attribute, and then take it away and run the code again?
If so it will still say your code is correct. I believe this is so you can mess around with your program without having to reset the lessons progress.

hello @8-bitgaming,thanks for your response.
Yeah i have run the code again after i did it the first time with the step attribute so that might be it.

.And yeah i went with my cursor over the input box and there is still no arrows;no matter how many times i refreshed it,the step attribute just doesn’t show any arrows in the field…and yes,the value was set :slightly_smiling_face:

Which browser and browser version are you using?
Could you post the code you used for this <input>?