The step I am currently working on is the following.

  1. GitHub offers two authentication options, HTTPS and SSH, to keep your work secure. This is a security measure that prevents anyone who isn’t authorized from making changes to your GitHub repository. In this article, we will use HTTPS. Navigate to GitHub’s article on caching your password and follow the instructions to configure your computer to be able to use HTTPS.

I have set up the username and email and created a token, but I am lost after that, the instructions don’t make sense to me. I don’t know where to put the token at. Can someone guide me as to what the next steps are?

Do you intent to use HTTPS or SSH?

the article you mentioned/provided, simply caches your password (for HTTPS) so you don’t have to enter your password again within a certain timestamp. Once you run that command, you don’t have to do anything else

what do you mean by next steps?