I don’t know why
plz Take a look in the third question

you still have the if/else in the code? The exercise very likely rejects your code because of it

also, why would you want to use console.log() twice? You can also log the result of the ternary operator. Saves repetitiveness.

Nothing changed when I deleted console.log() and the if/else
but the code is run correct

Can you please copy paste your full code to the forum?

I didn’t say you should delete all of the logs, just suggested a small improvement.

let favoritePhrase = 'Love That!';
favoritePhrase ? console.log('I love that!'):console.log("I don't love that!");

The condition is no longer the same as it was? Converting the if/else to a ternary operator doesn’t mean you can just change the condition/comparison.

thank you i found it
the wrong in (=) :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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