Hey again. Just having a wee bit of truoble getting what is being said here:

** **div.headline {** ** width: 400px;** ** margin: 0 auto;** **}** **

In the example above, the width of the div is set to 400 pixels, which is less than the width of most screens. This will cause the div to center within a containing element that is greater than 400 pixels wide.

ive read it a few times and the last sence seems to make no sense to me. pls help

So your div.headline is going to have a width of 400px, a top and bottom margin of 0px, and a left and right margin set to auto (center). So on any screen size it will “center” it. Not a big fan of the “auto” word. I like the word center (text-center or justify-content-center).

Hopefully this helps.