My question: After doing all of these steps we are still left with .uppercase { text-transform: uppercase; } in our style.css file. Since we removed uppercase from h1, do we need to remove .uppercase from the style.css file?

  1. In index.html , the element on line 11 has an h1 tag, two classes, and an ID. Since the ID is more specific than both, its styles will be applied to the element. Let’s re-write the ID of this element to be less specific by creating classes.
    In index.html , delete the id attribute on the h1 element on line 11.

  2. Now delete the #article-title ID in the CSS.
    #article-title { font-family: cursive; text-transform: capitalize; }

  3. Navigate to style.css. Add a class selector named .cursive. Inside its body, write:
    font-family: cursive;

  4. Add another class selector named .capitalize. In its curly braces, write:
    text-transform: capitalize;

  5. Now, navigate back to index.html, and replace the uppercase class with the cursive and capitalize classes on the h1 element on line 11.
    h1 class=“title cursive capitalize” >Top Vacation Spots h1

You don’t have to, but you can. It’ll just stay there as unused lines of code, so it’s good practice too remove it. But everything will work the same if you leave it.