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On “queries projects and applications” of data science path, the “hint solution” is confusing me.

It gives us the option to use ‘where’ ‘AND’, but it also shows another solution using ‘Between’.

Issue i have is that, using ‘Between’ option on a text data type as ‘1980-01-01’ this is not including that day, since its a text data type and not integer.

On Writing queries it is explained to us the difference when the data is a ’ ’ type of date or a number type of data. Number is inclusive but data isn’t inclusive, meaning we would need to type 1980-01-02 if we wanted to actually include the first day of January.

Am i being wrong here, or is the solution given to us actually wrong on the exercise?

Thank you

Is there not a DATE() function that can convert this to a date object?

Hello, sot sure what you mean by this?

Isorry for the late reply.

As I understand it, date values are written,




in single quotes. Numbers cannot contain special characters (-) or (/).