I am getting Wrong answer for task 12. Please someone help me. I have watch the video but that did not help me.

there are no numbers in your list if you look for a number you’ll get 0… since there are none
so what’s in the list?
consider what you have before deciding what to do

Can you please tell me how to solve this ? I am still can’t find where i am wrong?
Please show me the code.

if you’re going to count things, a start would be to look at all things
you could make a loop.

what is each thing? what determines whether it should be counted or not?
put that in the loop

a programmer isn’t a text-copier you know. they’ve got to consider what they’ve got and what they want and what actions go in-between those to bridge the gap, and then they can start breaking that down into code. maybe being stuck without having something to copy is a good thing, you get to practice programming.

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Your line 22 should read “price.count(2)” instead of “pizzas.count(2)”