before we start I want to see if this is the right tag for getting assistance.

I think you’d be better looking at the command-line category since that lesson doesn’t seem related to Python: Command Line - Codecademy Forums but it’s worth having a read of this FAQ either way-

$ ls

$ cd freight/

bash: cd: freight/: No such file or directory

$ cd bicycle-world-ii

bash: cd: bicycle-world-ii: No such file or directory

$ cd bicycle-world-ii/

bash: cd: bicycle-world-ii/: No such file or directory

$ cd porteur

bash: cd: porteur: No such file or directory

$ pwd


$ cd freight

bash: cd: freight: No such file or directory

$ freight/

bash: freight/: No such file or directory

$ freight

bash: freight: command not found

it doesn’t work

Given I am new to the command line, but from what I understand, you can’t use cd to move to a file unless you specify the file pathe leading to it, or you are in the directory that contains it.

When you used pwm it says you are in:

Which would mean you can not move to freight by using cd freight.

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Aye, it sounds like you’re in a directory you don’t expect so simply trying cd to the name won’t work. As per @8-bit-gaming’s suggestion use pwd to work out what directory you’re currently in. After that a mix of using ls to list the files in a given directory and changing directory with cd should get you where you need to go (remember that cd .. will move you to the parent directory so you don’t have to use absolute paths).

I give up. This is no help at all. I type it in exactly as t he walk through shows and I get “no such file”

Don’t give up on it. It seems you are simply in the wrong directory.

If you use pwd and it says you are in

Than you just need to change your working directory.

You can use cd .. to move back a directory until you get back to:

You should be able to work the project from there.


Thank you very much for your help. I was totally stuck.