Good evening, everyone. I am currently on 4/9 for the Navigating Files System lesson. The tasks currently given to me are listed below. I access the first one without any issues. The second one however remains locked. I only have two commands given to me for the lesson, pwd as well as 1s (dir for me because i’m a windows user. Could someone please help me with this? This seems like a minor issue.


Let’s continue with more commands. In the terminal, print the working directory.


List all files and directories in the working directory.

Hello @michaelrusso61131471.
pwd prints the working directory.
ls or dir lists the files and directories.
To see what it would look like, if you’re stuck, view the hidden content:

The code-don't view unless you're stuck:
$ pwd
$ ls

You could change the ls to dir, if you needed to

I hope this helps!