Hello, I am having trouble by pushing the local repository to github.
I have successfully completed all the previous steps shown in the video and the article. However when pasting this line of code to push the repository: git remote add origin

This error shows up: fatal: remote origin already exists.

and when pasting the second code line:

git push -u origin master

it requires my username and password, it is my understanding that not being able to watch any character when typing you password is normal. But I was wondering what can I do to correct this errors.

this error shows up:

remote: Repository not found.

fatal: repository ‘’ not found

Please help. Thank you in advance. Also in the meanwhile I decided to install github desktop and I don’t know if I should be concern for some privacy issues or something. Would appreciate any comment or solution.

Hi @jasonstuardoruizmart

That error code (fatal: remote origin already exists) is telling you the issue, you have already have a remote saved with that name. If you remove it, git remote rm origin and then add a new one with the correct repo link (with the correct username etc.)- git remote add origin you could continue with that lesson.

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Thanks. That really solved the problem

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