For this exercise, the computer shows the code editor screen and the git bash screen. how do I switch to the screen that will allow me to view the output of my code?

if you run it from bash then you can see it there

also that is not git bash, it’s bash
git bash is some windows project for creating an environment to run git in - in other words it’s just a workaround for windows

Thanks for the correction on Bash. What I’m struggling with is that what I see on the bash screen as I work on the project is not what my code actually does, (like it shows on other exercises where bash isn’t in use) e.g. if I type print(‘this is bash’) on the code editor, the bash screen isn’t going to print out ‘this is bash’. So my question is then how do I get to see my code output? By your response I see that I might be missing some understanding of ‘running code on bash’ please clarify.

bash is much like python
a language, with an interpreter
the interpreter is what you’re typing commands to
bash reads bash, not python
tell bash to run python’s interpreter, and that it should read the file you’ve written

the first “word” in bash is the program to execute, the remaining “words” are the arguments

judging by the instructions in the project you’ve already been doing this with git

(python3 looks like I had skipped an instruction. Thanks for the light :slight_smile:

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