Switch Syntax
A switch statement is similar to an if / elif / else statement in that you can check multiple conditions. Here’s what it looks like:

You don’t have elif in PHP only Python…

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what exactly is your question?

fair enough. Php has else if?

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Hey @linuxlite,

You’re right about PHP not having elif, as it’s a Python thing, but do you have a question?

Please post as many of the following as you can give us;
~ Exercise number/URL
~ Full error message you received
~ The code you tried


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I think that what @linuxlite is trying to tell us is that there is a typo in the instructions for that exercise. It says elif instead of elseif.

That exercise is in one of the old courses that is no longer supported. I don’t believe that there are any links to it from the site. That means that it is no longer being maintained and so we can’t report bugs for it or get any fixes done.