Okay I can’t get any meaningful help here. Where do I go to get my money back?

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Hello! You can contact the help centre for billing questions.

Well I got my answer. I can’t get my money back. No answer from the “contact us” page. Have I wasted $240?

I’m not sure-I’m only a user like you-but if you’ve paid for it, you could continue with the path you’re doing. If you have any questions, the forums are the best place to ask! @SuperUsers, would you agree?


Hi @progresspanda
The help forums are run by volunteers.

What is your specific question about the command line project that you linked above? Perhaps someone can chime in and help…


Do be paitent. I believe it usually takes about 48 hours to get an answer. Also remember that there may be many requests that come in every day, so yours may not be the first one on the list.
Though that does not mean they won’t answer.

I second @codeneutrino and @lisalisaj, we are volunteers, but we help to the best of our ability.

What question do you have about the command line?

I also agree, if you spent that amount than I believe you have purchased the whole year of pro.
If so, than there are many courses and paths available to you if you have an interest in them.


Yeah but if I can’t learn one thing faster than this it’s not of much value.

source ~/.bash_profile Welcome, Joe Nertz alias pd= “pwd”
bash: alias: pwd: not found
$ alias pd= “pwd”

environment lesson. this always happens when I try to write an alias. I did it right because I copied and pasted the command.

It looks like there’s a gap (at least in what you used in that message) between the equals sign and what you are assigning which means it will treat it like a command. Get rid of those gaps.

pwd /home/ccuser/workspace/music alias pd=“pwd”
$ alias pd=“pwd”

no gaps this time. hit save and it repeats the last line as you see here

Is that after using source ~/.bash_profile ?


source ~/.bash_profile Welcome, Joe Nertz alias pd= “pwd”
bash: alias: pwd: not found
alias pd= "pwd" bash: alias: pwd: not found alias pd=“pwd”
alias pd="pwd" alias pd=“pwd”
$ alias pd=“pwd”

Exactly how does your bash profile look? Is that all on a single line? Each new command should be on a newline if not separated by ;. Try wrapping it in triple backticks like so if you post it to the forums, ta-
` ` `
script goes here
` ` `

no, it’s not on a single line. that’s just copied and pasted to make it quick. all the lines start where you’d normally expect them to, like after the $ sign in most cases

What does the .bash_profile file itself look like? It should be roughly like below (nano editor) but with the relevant pd alias and such.

this is what I did at the top :slightly_frowning_face:

source ~/.bash_profile Welcome, Joe Nertz alias pd= “pwd”
bash: alias: pwd: not found

that’s exactly what it looks like

or rather like this :

source ~/.bash_profile
Welcome, Joe Nertz
alias pd= “pwd”
bash: alias: pwd: not found

It looks like there there still a single whitespace in that file between pd= and “pwd” (pd= "pwd" gives me an identcal warning). Can you edit the file again and remove that whitespace so that the second line reads as alias pd="pwd" and try source again?

source ~/.bash_profile bash: /home/ccuser/.bash_profile: No such file or directory

Rather than hunt it down perhaps it’s easiest to rewrite that particular file at the given location.

I don’t understand…